Why Choose ARYAANYA for Project Management Consultancy

ARYAANYA is a leader in project management consultancy domain and can turn the tables even for shaky construction projects. When a developer chooses ARYAANYA, not only is he assured of comprehensive consultancy but also avails benefits from the experience of ARYAANYA’s founder, Mr. Kirit Patel- an authority in himself.

  • Multi-disciplinary Total Solutions Approach: ARYAANYA believes in adopting a turnkey approach towards project management. From concept development to actual execution, ARYAANYA takes care of everything on a construction site.
  • Experienced Founder: ARYAANYA’s philosophy and way of functioning is driven by the experience of its founder, Mr. Kirit Patel who is a multifaceted personality with expertise in almost all segments of the construction industry.
  • Project management: We have associations with leading vendors for sourcing required construction material, inventory, equipment for execution and management of construction process.
  • Personalized Attention: With a knack for construction projects, everyone at ARYAANYA believes in offering personalized attention to every project under him/her. This ensures every problem is taken care of before it turns unmanageable.