Estatepedia Benefits for Developers & Constructors

Estatepedia is a revolutionary concept that extends the scope of ARYAANYA’s project management consultancy services. Through Estatepedia, ARYAANYA’s expert team is assisting developers in enhancing their sales figures by providing comprehensive marketing solutions under a single roof.

  • Unmatched Advantages: Estatepedia has brought a revolution in construction industry by providing a comprehensive marketing solution for already developer and even upcoming projects.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Solutions: Estatepedia takes care of marketing activities to enhance the sales figures of construction projects and saves the construction developer from the problem of dealing with dipping sales figures and thus, focus on core developing activities.
  • Complete Handholding & Assistance Beginning-to-end: Estatepedia offers complete peace of mind as it focuses on developing a lucrative marketing proposition for a project right from the beginning to the execution of sales deals.