Choose the Best Construction Project Management Consultant in the Country & Give your Project the Leading Edge

Powered by the expertise of its founder and a dedicated team, ARYAANYA offers exclusive project management consultancy services to construction companies around the country. ARYAANYA is not just another PMC company, but is the preferred PMC solutions provider of top construction realtors in India.

ARYAANYA has an established track record of managing residential, commercial, industrial and institutional construction projects. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach focused on project planning, engineering, execution and beyond. Our turnkey project management consultancy approach helps construction developers in:

  • Concept development and master planning: ARYAANYA’s team gets onto drawing boards and develops astonishing concepts and master plans for a construction project, keeping in mind your aspirations and requirements.
  • Engineering and design: Our rich design and engineering experience enable us to promise world-class engineering and design support at different stages of a construction project.
  • Project management: We have associations with leading vendors for sourcing required construction material, inventory, equipment for execution and management of construction process.
  • Standard compliance: We maintain compliance with global standards and practices at projects managed owing to our experience and knowledge of international construction standards. Also, we can help developers in complying with international construction standards by identifying the loopholes in current process and suggesting remedial measures.
  • Ensuring health and safety of workers: Maintaining the safety and security of construction workers on-site is our topmost priority. We take care of complying with statutory safety guidelines for construction in India.
  • Maintaining energy efficiency and eco-compliance: We believe in creating structures for tomorrow and help developers in constructing energy-efficient and eco-friendly structures. Our insightful research and expertise help developers in meeting international energy-efficiency and eco-compliance during construction of a project.

Believing in transparency, we provide periodic reviews of our work throughout the engagement period. Our extensive and experience in construction PMC helps in removing operational hindrances during the planning, engineering, execution and completion stages, helping you to promise on-time delivery of projects.