Aryaanya Estatepedia will provide 360 – degree to all your reality investments

Estatepedia is a unique and innovative concept based on ARYAANYA’s total solutions approach for a construction project. At one end, Estatepedia facilitates construction project owners to find the buyers while at the other end, Estatepedia matches an individual’s requirements with available property options in an area.

A multifaceted concept, Estatepedia serves as a bridge between buyers of a constructed property and the sellers. But Estatepedia is much more than just a property broking concept. Instead of just facilitating buying and selling, Estatepedia focuses on understanding buyer’s requirement and matching it with available options in the market. This way, Estatepedia saves buyers the hassle of moving from one project owner to another on their own, while at the same time it helps developers in enhancing sales figures of completed construction projects.

Complete Purchase Consultancy from Beginning to the End

Estatepedia offers comprehensive consultancy services to a property buyer that assists in making an informed property purchase decision. From outlining requirements to property identification, from matching requirements to assisting with legal documentation, Estatepedia offers comprehensive services from beginning to end.

Excellent Marketing Support & Handholding for Construction Project Owners

For construction project owners, Estatepedia offers excellent marketing support to improve dipping sales figures. Estatepedia takes care of different marketing activities with a core focus on matching a buyer’s requirements. This brings buyers to a construction project, improving sales figures for a project owner over a period of time.